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Carlson vilified for breaking US info blockade – Russian envoy to RT — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

The former Fox News host has been criticized simply for presenting Moscow’s position to the American public, Anatoly Antonov has said

US journalist Tucker Carlson has been vilified in his homeland merely for presenting Russia’s position to the American public, Moscow’s ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, has told RT. The Russian Embassy in the US has been bombarded with questions since Carlson aired his interview with President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, the diplomat added.

According to Antonov, the embassy has been asked if it paid Carlson or issued specific instructions to him before he traveled to Moscow, which the diplomat dismissed as “nonsense.”

Any negative sentiment toward Carlson, who has been branded “a traitor” and a Russian agent by some public figures, actually exposes the flaws in the American media, which prevents Russian officials from freely making their case to the US public, Antonov suggested.

“It is extremely difficult to get through with an alternative point of view in America, one that differs from the position of the Democratic Party of the US, and for us it is simply impossible,” he said.

Watch Antonov’s full interview with RT in the video below:

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