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Date for Xi Jinping visit to Russia revealed — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

The Chinese president will arrive in Moscow on Monday and stay for three days, both sides have confirmed

President Xi Jinping of China will make a state visit to Russia next Monday, the Kremlin and the Chinese Foreign Ministry have revealed. The trip will last until Wednesday. Xi will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss “aspects of further development of comprehensive partnership,” according to a statement from the Kremlin.

Talks will also focus on the international agenda and cooperation between the two nations in world affairs, the Kremlin added. Russian and Chinese officials are also expected to sign a number of bilateral agreements.

Putin invited Xi to Russia during a phone call in late December, but the date of the trip was not previously announced. The two presidents have been in frequent contact after Moscow launched its military operation in Ukraine in early 2022, both in person at international events and via video link.

China suspicious of ‘Ukrainian’ Nord Stream sabotage theory

Last month, Beijing revealed an initiative for a settlement to the conflict in Ukraine. Moscow said it would consider the proposal, but reiterated that Kiev’s refusal to acknowledge the new reality on the ground is a major obstacle to negotiations.

The Ukrainian government has stated that its goal is military victory over Russia and the expulsion of Russian troops from all territories that Kiev claims to be under its sovereignty. It has also prohibited any negotiations with Moscow as long as Putin remains in office.

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