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Drone downed in Russian border region – governor — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

A “plane-type” unmanned aircraft was intercepted in Bryansk Region, its top official has reported

The Russian military has shot down a drone in Bryansk Region, which borders Ukraine, its governor, Aleksandr Bogomaz, has said. There were no casualties or damage on the ground, according to a brief statement he posted on social media on Thursday.

The unmanned aircraft was destroyed by Russian air defenses near the village of Navlya, some 45km south of the regional capital city of Bryansk, and was a “plane-type” drone, the governor explained.

In a separate incident, Ukrainian forces shelled the border village of Rakovka, damaging a resident’s home and a household outbuilding, Bogomaz said.

Bryansk Region has suffered from regular Ukrainian attacks, most of which involve cross-border shelling or drones. However, a week ago the region was targeted by a group of gunmen in an incursion.

Air defenses repel Ukrainian strike over Russia – governor

Russia’s security agency, the FSB, reported that the group killed two civilians and injured two others, including a child, and also robbed locals and planted explosives before retreating.

Russian President Vladimir Putin branded the incursion a terrorist attack and noted that it was just the latest in a series of such plots carried out by Kiev.

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