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Explosions reported near airbase in Crimea — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Residents of the Crimean town of Novofedorovka have shared images of explosions at a nearby Russian Navy airfield.

The images posted on social media show clouds of smoke rising behind houses and what is believed to be the sound of multiple explosions can be heard in the video footage.

The Head of the Republic of Crimea, Sergey Aksenov acknowledged an incident had taken place in Novofedorovka and said he was going there to investigate the situation.

Hospitals in the Saki region, where the town is located, and the nearby resort city of Evpatoria have sent ambulances there, RIA Novosti reported.

The Russian military did not immediately comment on the incident.

Novofedorovka is located on the coast of Crimea about 40km northwest of the regional capital, Simferopol. The Saki base is on the outskirts of the settlement and some personnel live in the town.

During Soviet times the airfield was a training center for pilots of aircraft carrier jets. The Russian navy has been using it to train pilots since Crimea joined Russia in 2014.

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