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Kremlin addresses mobilization rumors  — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has urged the public not to trust claims that a second call-up of reservists is coming

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has rejected rumors of the further mobilization of reservists to fight in the Ukraine conflict. He urged the public to follow official statements made by the president and the Defense Ministry. 

President Vladimir Putin signed the partial mobilization decree in late September. On October 28, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu reported that the plan to call up 300,000 reservists had been completed and that there was no need for additional drafts. 

Putin said on October 31 that the “mobilization is over,” and that he would consult with lawyers whether a separate decree was required to formally end the draft. Peskov later explained that such a decree was unnecessary. 

“There are many provocative messages on social media [on the matter],” Peskov noted during a call with reporters on Tuesday, urging the public to “rely on information coming from the Defense Ministry and the president” and “not to pay attention” to those who claim something different. 

The partial mobilization ran separately from the regular conscription of young Russian men for one-year mandatory military service. 

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According to the Defense Ministry, 120,000 people would be conscripted between November 1 and December 31. Officials said recruits would not be sent to fight in Ukraine or stationed in four former Ukrainian territories, which joined Russia after referendums on the matter in late September. 

During a meeting with a group of mothers of soldiers involved in the military operation in Ukraine last month, Putin promised to do “all we can” to support the families of those fighting on the frontline. 

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