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‘Lazy doctor’ investigated after examining ten patients at once (VIDEO) — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

The hospital is reviewing a viral video that allegedly shows the mass consultation

A hospital in the city of Yakutsk in Russia’s Far East was left red-faced after a video purportedly showing one of its doctors serving a large number of patients all at the same time went viral on social media.

The video shows ten people crowding inside what is claimed to be the consultation room of a neurologist. She is seen asking the patients to do the simple finger-to-nose test – which can help diagnose issues with proprioception. The doctor then asks the cameraperson to close the door and wait outside.

The footage was published on Wednesday on local social media in Yakutsk and went viral nationwide. Some news outlets called the neurologist “the laziest doctor ever.”

The hospital reacted to its unexpected five minutes of fame by reporting that it had launched a disciplinary investigation into the incident and would take action depending on the outcome.

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