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Putin ridicules proposed Western screwdriver sanctions — RT Business News

The West’s sanctions proposals against Russia are becoming increasingly absurd, President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday during a televised government meeting on economic issues.

Earlier this month, Lithuania suggested including an embargo on buttons, nails, and sewing appliances in the 12th round of EU sanctions against Russia, which is currently being debated by the bloc’s member states.

Last week, the Australian government added tools used to drill, press, stamp, punch or press, as well as television and sound recorders to a broader export ban against Russia that also includes boilers, machinery, and mechanical appliances.

“Our partners are now taking their fantasies to the absurd, banning the import of screwdrivers, needles, and so on to Russia,” Putin said. “Well, the less junk, the better. There is less chance that bed bugs will be exported to us from major European cities,” he added, referring to the recent infestation in some EU countries. 

According to the Russian president, the West has so far adopted countless sanctions packages, but has “practically become entangled” in its own restrictions.

EU state wants to deprive Russians of needles – media

“They tried to punish us, but in the end, as we see… they hit their own economies,” Putin stated.

The president added that he expects sanctions to be intensified, while calling on the Russian government to be ready for potential acts of sabotage on important infrastructure facilities. 

Putin warned that acts similar to the destruction the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines could be taken once sanctions options are exhausted.

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