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Romanov family charity commemorated in Moscow (VIDEO) — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

The Elisabeth-Sergiy Educational Society held annual readings that seek to reimagine Romanov-era charity traditions

A major science conference, the 16th Elisabeth-Sergiy Readings, was held in Moscow on Wednesday. The event is held annually on November 1, the birthday of the Grand Duchess Elisabeth, Princess of Hesse and by Rhine, an older sister of Alexandra, the last Russian Empress of the Romanov family.

The princess, killed by the Bolsheviks in 1918 and canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church in the early 1990s, was popular in society of the late Russian Empire for her charitable work and support for education.

This year’s Readings were themed ‘Vocational education under the auspices of the Imperial House of Romanov in the 19th and early 20th centuries,’ with several researchers delivering reports on their findings on the subject during the event, which was attended by an RT reporting crew.

“We’re encouraged by the idea of being helpful to our country, we want to assist in issues that need to be resolved urgently and professionally. We hope we will be able to do this through our work as well as with today’s forum, not only in education but also in practice. We’re historians, art scholars, archivists, and regional-studies specialists. Humanities are very important in our time,” Anna Gromova, the chair of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation for promoting the revival of the traditions of mercy and charity of the Elizabeth-Sergiy Educational Society, said during the event.

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