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MOSCOW, DECEMBER 1, 2023 — RT Spanish has won four awards from the Mexican Press Club. The award ceremony took place in the Press Club headquarters in Mexico. 

One of the Mexican Press Club awards went to the analytical program Ahí les va. Its host Mirko Casale offers an ironic perspective on political developments in Latin America and the world. The award-winning episode covers the scandal around an SS Galicia Division veteran honored in the Canadian parliament. 

Another award went to RT Reporta documentary, Americans in Mexico. Divided Between Two Countries. Its author Paola Guzman went to Tijuana, a city on the US-Mexican border that had recently become home to lots of Americans who prefer to live in Mexico. 

“For almost fourteen years, RT Spanish has been covering global news. It is a great honor for us that our content is noted not only by our viewers, but also by the jury of the Mexican Press Club,” said Alexander Luchaninov, Deputy Head of RT Spanish, who also received a personal award. 

“RT Spanish plays an important role as it offers a different perspective on international developments and broadcasts valuable alternative coverage, helping maintain information balance in the media. We are very pleased by the fact that RT has gained recognition here and occupies a well-deserved position in Mexico’s media space,” said Nikolai Sofinski, Russian Ambassador to Mexico. 

RT Spanish has been distinguished with the Mexican Press Club Awards many times. Most recently, in 2022, RT Spanish correspondents Boris Kuznetsov, Semyon Senderov and Mauricio Ampuero won the award for their coverage of the special military operation in Ukraine. 

Previously, Mexican Press Club has distinguished RT’s Ahí les va, an information and analytical program, and RT Reporta documentary on human trafficking in Florida, USA. 

Still earlier, RT Spanish received the Mexican Press Club awards “For Growth in Multimedia and Diversity in Content of High Social Value” and “For contribution to the diversity of points of view,” among others. Also, RT Spanish has won the Best TV Channel award twice to date. 

The Mexican Press Club’s Prize was established in 1952. A professional jury comprised of club members annually acknowledges prominent achievements by media organizations around the world.

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