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Russia has always supported Uganda – ambassador — RT Africa

The West wants to keep Africa enslaved but the nations on the continent now have the right to make their own decisions, according to Moses Kizige

Uganda’s ambassador to Russia, Moses Kawaaluuko Kizige, has reaffirmed his country’s commitment to maintaining and improving its “good” relations with Moscow.

In an interview with RT on the sidelines of the 2nd National Exhibition of the Republic of Uganda in Moscow on Wednesday, Kizige noted Russia’s role in Kampala’s fight for independence in 1962, saying “they’ve always been with us.”

He stated that African countries are no longer Western colonies and, as such, have the right to make their own decisions.

Traditionally, the Western countries colonized Africa… Even before they colonized Africa, they took Africans as slaves to provide free manpower. Then they colonized Africa to take away our mineral resources, so they want to keep us enslaved. That is why they always want to force us into positions,” the ambassador said.

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