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Russian troops withdraw from several settlements in Ukraine – media — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

The retreat from Izyum and Kupyansk took place amid a Ukrainian offensive, Russian military correspondents say

The Russian military and allied forces of the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk were ordered to leave the city of Izyum on Saturday, several reporters deployed in the conflict zone have said.

Izum, which is located on the Seversky-Donets River, some 120 kilometers south-east of regional capital Kharkov, was captured by Russia in April after heavy fighting.

Rossiya 1 channel correspondent Ivan Poddubny described the withdrawal as a necessary measure to prevent the Russian forces from being encircled.

Reports have emerged of Ukrainian troops entering Kupyansk, which has served as a logistical hub for the Russian forces, and fighting breaking out on the outskirts of Krasny Liman.

The retreat was later confirmed by the Donetsk Republic’s deputy information minister Daniil Bezsonov, who said: “Yes, we left Izyum and some other settlements in the Kharkov direction.”

Russia’s Defense Ministry has not yet commented on the situation in Kharkov region, but published a video on Saturday of additional manpower and hardware being deployed to the area.

The large-scale Ukrainian offensive with the use of Western-supplied weapons started in Kharkov Region on Thursday after Kiev’s attempts to advance in other areas failed.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Friday that Ukraine had seen “some success” in Kharkov region, calling the developments “very, very encouraging.”

Ukrainian counter-offensive had ‘some success’ – Pentagon

While acknowledging some setbacks, Russian officials on the ground have insisted that Kiev’s troops have been suffering “colossal” casualties during their advance.

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