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Trump to publish ‘private’ letters from foreign leaders — RT World News

The upcoming book will capture decades of communications between the ex-president and a long list of public figures

Former US President Donald Trump is set to publish scores of letters from a range of world leaders, celebrities, athletes and business moguls, among them North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, the late Princess Diana and even Hillary Clinton.

Trump announced the upcoming book in a social media post on Thursday, while Winning Team Publishing, which will print the collection, stated the work will present the “incredible, and oftentimes private” communications with Trump over the last 40 years. 

“We had lots of great letters from lots of great people and not so great people, to be honest with you,” Trump told reporters on Thursday. “But they’re very famous people. And probably there’s never been such diversity as this in terms of people where the letters come from and who they come from.”

In addition to some 150 letters from big names ranging from Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, US Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, golf legend Arnold Palmer and even his bitter rivals in the Clinton family, the book will also contain “original commentary” from Trump and a collection of photos. It is set for release next month, following his first book published last year, ‘Our Journey Together,’ which raked in $20 million in sales after just two months on the shelves.

One letter from Winfrey dated to the year 2000 gives effusive praise to Trump, saying “too bad we’re not running for office. What a team!” Trump noted that while he still thinks highly of the talk show star, he said the feeling is no longer mutual, adding “Sadly, once I announced for president, she never spoke to me again.”

Trump previously said North Korea’s supreme leader penned him “beautiful letters” and that they “fell in love” during his time in office. His correspondence with Kim has taken on new importance after the federal government launched a probe into whether he had retained classified material after leaving the White House, which was reportedly triggered after officials noticed letters from the North Korean leader were missing from Trump’s presidential archives.

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