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Two men could face jail over ‘window sex’ seen by minors – media — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Two young Muscovites ended up in legal trouble after allegedly having sex by the window of their apartment in the eastern part of the Russian capital, the media outlet Baza reported on Tuesday.

The alleged sexual act was witnessed by two boys, aged 12 and 13, who notified their mother of the display. The woman alerted local police, who raided the apartment and detained one of the suspects. The other man willingly turned himself in to police the next day, according to Baza. The suspects were identified only as 21-year old Timur and 22-year-old Daniil.

The two men were reportedly placed in pre-trial detention for two months and are facing charges of sexual assault. Given that the victims of the alleged “assault” are below 14 years of age, Timur and Daniil could face lengthy terms of 12-20 years behind bars. In order to convict the two men under that clause, however, prosecutors must prove that they had knowingly and deliberately engaged in sex in front of minors. 

One of the suspects, meanwhile, reportedly told the police that they were not having sexual intercourse at all and that the boys had misinterpreted what they had seen. According to his account, the two young men were fixing a burst water pipe at the apartment and got undressed to avoid getting wet. Moreover, the mother of one of the suspects denied the young men were even gay, insisting her son has a girlfriend, Baza noted.

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