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Two Russian diplomats killed in ‘suicide bombing’ — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

The explosion reportedly occurred outside the Russian embassy in the Afghan capital, Kabul

Two Russian diplomats were among 20 people killed on Monday in an explosion outside the country’s embassy in the Afghan capital, Kabul, local media reported.

A suicide bomber reportedly detonated his vest around the corner from the main gate of the Russian embassy, apparently targeting locals queuing for visas.

A source in Russia’s embassy has confirmed to RIA-Novosti news agency that the explosion did take place near the compound.

They also said the blast had occurred when an employee of the embassy went outside to people waiting in the line.

Reuters earlier reported that the guards were able to spot the suicide bomber and fired shots at him.

Russia is among the few nations to have maintained an embassy in Kabul since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan a year ago.

Despite not officially recognizing the Taliban government, Moscow has been in talks with the group on a deal to supply gasoline and other commodities to the country, which has been slapped with harsh international sanctions.

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